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Event Playing Rules


Players who break a rule with an * will stay with an Admin for the remainder of the Mission.


1.       Eye/Face Protection

a.      *Full seal eye protection and lower wire mesh ½ mask or a full face mask are REQUIRED.

      Shop glasses, shooting glasses, shemagh and tactical neck wrap are not acceptable protection. If you do have acceptable protection, you can borrow it from the Action Shack using your cell phone as a deposit.

2.      Field Rules

a.      *Resolve all disagreements calmly and respectfully

b.      *No physical contact, horse play, touching equipment or clothing of any kind

c.       No arguing with the Admins. All Admin decisions are final.

d.      Admins may remove all players involve in a conflict from the game

e.       Staff reserves the right to ask players to leave the game

f.        You must be wearing a wrist band and approved eye protection to chrono your gun

g.       You must have a wrist band, chrono tie on your gun, barrel cover, and approved eye and face protection to be placed on a team. Bring these things with you to the Safety Briefing

h.      No drugs or alcohol are allowed. If you have these things on the field, you will be asked to leave

i.        No cursing, hate language, racial slurs or obscene gestures

j.        No real guns or knives of any kind. Real steel will be confiscated for the day

k.      Put barrel covers on while you are in the parking lot and pistols in holsters

l.        No shooting or dry fireing in the parking lot

m.    Do not climb on structures

3.      FPS Limits .20 filed BB’s will be used at the chrono station

a.       AEG rifles and Polar Stars – 400 FPS. Polar Stars Must have a tournament lockout

b.      DMR – 450 FPS and must have full auto disabled

c.       Bolt action and Sniper rifles – 550 FPS

d.      Co2 Pistols – 350 FPS

e.       Green gas pistols are exempt from chrono

4.      Kill Radius

a.       Tennis balls – 20 feet. Can take out an entire fort when they hit the side of the fort

b.      Grenades without BB’s – 10 feet. Clears only the room it is tossed into

c.       Grenades with BB’s – Kills any player hit with the BB’s

5.      Minimum Shooting Distances

a.      *Use Semi Auto only or a pistol inside the forts or closer than 50 feet from them

b.      *AEG and HPA - 20 feet or more from the opponent

c.      *Bolt action and Sniper rifles – 50 feet or more from the opponent

6.      Hits and Outs

a.      *If the person you are shooting at calls himself out, STOP SHOOTING AT THEM

b.      * When you get hit, stop shooting, call yourself “Out” and go to the nearest Spawn Area, wait 2 minutes and reenter the game

c.       Players hit by other player on their team count as an “Out”. Shoot the opponent not a team mate

d.      Gun hits count as an “Out”. Ricochets do not

e.       No blind firing

f.        Shields are not allowed

g.       Dead Players can’t talk

h.      Surrender or Die. When you are close enough to your unsuspecting opponent, that firing on them would cause injury or excessive pain say “Surrender of Die”. You must have your opponent in your sights and be ready to fire at them. It is not something you say to someone you can’t see, or someone that can see you. If your opponent chooses not surrender and tries to shoot at you, shoot back.

i.        Knife Kills are “Silent Kills”. Use a plastic or rubber training knife only and tap your opponent on the shoulder. Do not throw the knife. If you “Knife Killed” do not yell out “Hit”. Quietly place your dead rag on your head and go to the Spawn Base.

7.      Grenades and Tennis Balls

a.       Enola Gay type smoke grenades are allowed during the wet season. Check to be sure they can be used

b.      Thunder B grenades may not be tossed over the tip of any walls. They must be tossed into a room from and entrance or dropped thru a window

c.       Tennis balls may be hand thrown or launched

8.      Injuries

a.       Report serious injuries to an Admin

b.      You must be able to identify the person who injured you, for any action to take place

9.      Spawn Areas

a.       There are several “Spawn Areas” on the field. They are marked on the map with a “star”.

b.      When you get hit, go to the nearest “Spawn Area”, wait 2 minutes and reenter the game.

c.       Both sides will use the same “Spawn Area”.

d.      Players may not shoot at each other as they leave the “Spawn Area”.

e.       Players from the game may not hang out at the Spawn Areas and ambush players as they reenter the game.

10.   Tanks (if they are used)

a.      *Drivers who are operating a tank in an unsafe or destructive manner will be asked to leave the game

b.      *Drivers who damage or cause damage to a tank are monetarily responsible for the damages

c.       Personal tanks must be approved by staff prior to the game

d.      Tanks are disabled for 5 minutes when hit with a tennis ball

e.       BB’s do not disable the tanks and do not cause the occupants to be “OUT”

f.        Tanks occupants are responsible for recovering tennis balls taken from the tanks

g.       Try to stay at least 15 feet away from the tanks. They have limited visibility