Action Acres Airsoft is the newest outdoor airsoft field in the Portland, Oregon area. Action Acres Airsoft is located 25 miles South of Portland and 25 miles North of Salem.
  Airsoft is fun, clean and inexpensive to play. Airsoft guns are safe. They may look like the real thing but they are not. It is important to keep in mind that because they look real, they can scare the unknowing passerby who might mistake them for "real guns".
  Action Acres is a safe place to play airsoft. We have field safety rules to ensure everyone is safe and having fun. You can bring your own bio degradable BB's, or buy ours.
  Bring a group of friends and take advantage of all the playing areas at Action Acres.
  The 4th Saturday of each month there will be an organized "Mini Op". Preregistration to the events will always be less expensive than paying the day of the event.
  If you are looking for a new place to play airsoft, then check out Action Acres.

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Saturday - Sunday
Call to make a reservation
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reservation form.

Open Play Prices
All day pass 25.00
with your own equipment

Gun Rental & all day pass
Includes 450 BB's

Bio BB's
Start at $21.00 per 5000 (.20)

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Sealed goggles and face protection is required.
Safety glasses, rifle glasses and shemaghs are not adequate protection and Matrix wire Mouth are not allowed. We have goggles and masks for sale or you can borrow them the with your cell phone.

  Register and must pay online. You have until Thursday at 11:59pm to get the online discounts.


                          The Park will be closed

 do to Family Emergency , July 13 & 14, 2024